Doing Denim On Denim
The classic, cotton twill fabric has stylistically morphed from era to ear, now...it’s going head-to-toe in one go! Let’s explore denim on denim.

Rachel Eleanor Sutton

Sep 30, 2014 10:38
by Rachel Eleanor Sutton

Once a faux paux (ughmm Britney and Justin circa 2001), the all denim look is no longer earmarked as the Canadian tuxedo. Overall, the upheaval of this trend is a handclapping affair. Most of us own denim, so such an ensemble is totally accessible. When it comes to creating your own approach to doing denim on denim, it’s all about pairing paying attention to proportions.

For instance, a lightweight, chambray shirt looks great with a dark denim bottom. Know and acknowledge your shape, light tones of denim draws attention to that part of your body, while darker shades elude a slimming effect. If you’re wearing slouchy or wide-leg bottoms choose a sleeker, thin top — and the reverse — if you’re wearing tight, skinny jeans, a boyfriend button-up or boxy crop top is a pretty twosome. Avoid choosing denim pieces that are the same consistency and wash, as it tends to negate a flattering balance. Also, we suggest donning dainty, delicate accessories instead of bulky, chunky jewellery. Denim is simple by nature, so follow that motto! Unless of course, you’re off to a rodeo, then forget everything we just said. Here, we’ve sourced out street style inspiration that captures the denim on denim look perfectly. Tell us, which ones are your faves? (images via Pinterest)

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