Fashion Myth Busters: Part 3
Which fashion faux pas no longer exist?

Jun 17, 2013 10:03
by Caitlin Reid

What to wear? The eternal question. What not to wear? Even harder. Fashion faux pas have existed forever, but now that the times are a-changing, the rules must too.

Fashion is more modern, experimental, and risque which means fashion etiquette can be tricky to understand. Take notes from style queen Kate Moss and fashion forward Alexa Chung and mix up the style rules without looking awkward or uncomfortable. Here are a few classic fashion rules that that can be safely broken! 

1. Never wear sheer clothing.

Ignore this rule! Sheer clothing can look ultra chic. If it's a sheer blouse you adore, choose a plain, black bra to wear underneath. Avoid the all-over sheer look, however, as it shows a little too much information. Instead choose a translucent fabric as your top, and a heavier fabric for your bottom half.

2. Tall women should not wear heels.

This fashion rule must die! Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, and Elle Mcpherson are all taller than 1.75m and yet they love to wear heels day and night. Does anyone think they don’t look absolutely ferosh? Not a chance! Embrace your height, stand up tall! Was there ever a supermodel under 1.7m tall? No...remember that tall ladies!

3. Never wear white after Labour Day (translation: don't wear white in winter).

White is bright! So forget this rule and brighten the gloomy winter days by rocking crisp white winter pieces. An all over white look is tricky, but can be done with creams, frost and eggshell hues. White coats are a fun alternative to traditional dark styles for winter warmth.

4. Never wear double denim.

This is a tricky one! Double denim has enjoyed a resurgence of late, but the line between prairie cowboy and denim goddess is a fine one! Blend dark denims with light to avoid an all over denim uniform look. Dark denim jeans, pale denim shirt? Divine!

Many fashion rules are outdated, but tread carefully to ensure you look like a classic stylista, not awkward outlier.

What fashion rules do you love to break?


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