Fun and fancy free - it’s festival fashion!
From Kate Moss to Kate Bosworth, get the lowdown on festival season style...

Jan 27, 2013 12:25
by Caitlin Reid

Carefree days, scorching sun, hectic crowds, and heart stopping beats - it’s festival time! Whether its Soundwave, Future, or maybe the Blues Mountains Festival, there are enough events this summer to get your fest fix. Since live music began, music festivals are as much about who’s wearing what, as who’s singing where. A genuine style stalker’s paradise. But surely there must be more to festival fashion than cut-offs and headbands? Oh there is, so very much more.

Festival styling is super experimental. Why? It’s about freedom, and casual cool, plus boldly snubbing general styling rules. But! Don’t be mistaken, these laid back and lovely looks are carefully planned, despite their seemingly carefree assemblage.

Where to begin? First decide: shorts, dress or skirt?

Shorts are perfect for crowd surfing, mosh pits and getting into the front lines. With the blue denim cut-off trend slightly exhausted, look to dyed or detailed cut-offs for a personalized spin.

If you decide on a dress, choose between short or maxi. Mini dresses make scorching stage side days more bearable and breezy. Plus they look grungy sweet paired with toughened up ankle boots or mud evading, surprisingly chic gumboots. Ignore your urge to reach for your standard cinched-waist silhouette, try loose fitting boho styles with soft, breathable fabrics.

Maxi it is? Ultra long dresses are a fresh take on festival fashion. Appearing aloof and effortlessly chic among revelers is a given in a soft, floaty maxi dress. Plus, think how much warmer your legs will be in the dark of night.

Last, but not least, the final touches:

- Old school sunglasses are everywhere, from high street to high fashion - try round, retro lenses.

- Headdresses of any kind are encouraged: think daisy chains, flowers, feathers, you name it - but keep it simple.

- Little cross body bags are practical for long days and crazy crowds, plus they looks super cute.

- Footwear has to be boots: toe savers, foot crush preventers, and they instantly add a touch of rebellious grunge.

Festival fashion is fun, free and experimental. Mix it up, try it on, and remember: there are no rules, it’s festival time!

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