How to Wear Yellow Without Looking Like Big Bird
...or a bumble bee...

Nov 27, 2012 05:13
by Sally Creagh

Yellow is hot this season. It’s fresh, bright and summery, and boy, it sure makes a statement! But! You’re not quite sure if you want to try it? Afraid your look may be evocative of a rubber duck? Or a lollypop lady in a hi-vis vest? Fear not! There are a few things you can do to make sure you are not mistaken for a…ahem… big banana.

1. Match it with a neutral: yellow with black my seem the obvious pairing, however, remember that this combo is nature’s code for danger and possibly a nasty injection (wasps, killer bees etc). People may recoil, fearing your poison.  

It doesn’t seem to have deterred Balmain at last month’s Paris Fashion week, however. So go for it, if you will, but do avoid stripy tops, or you’ll look like Oddlaw from Where’s Wally

If you’re still not ready for the sting-me look, try yellow with taupe or white.

2. Start small: a handbag, a belt, accessories, or just nail polish for a low cost investment. The more adventurous could try yellow lips.

Or try the partial yellow outfit: a top or a skirt still has impact without over doing it.

3. Choose the right yellow: pick a pastel version or a gold tone if bright yellow is too strong for your complexion.

4. Go short or go sleek: If you want the wow factor of an all-yellow outfit, perhaps try a mini first. The Dior gown Julianne Moore’s wore to the 2012 Emmys was the source of some controversy amongst fashion types on the interwebs.

"Too much yellow", they screeched, but maybe it was just too much fabric! Julianne looked like she was drowning in a river of buttercups and coming dangerously close to Big Bird territory. The dancing dude from Gangnam Style, however, seems to get away with the all yellow look, with no discernable fear of banana comparisons. Maybe he's too busy busting moves to worry. 

If short hemlines aren’t your thing, go sleek and straight like this glorious Kookai maxi dress (the Rapture dress) or maxi skirt (the Yellow Splendour Skirt). This top from sass and bide packs a punch without being too OTT.

What do you think? How much is too much?

*No disrespect meant to Big Bird, or other members of the Bird family...

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