Is fashion only for the young?
These senior stylistas prove the answer to that question is a resounding "no!"...

Apr 30, 2013 10:50
by Sally Creagh

Many women feel that as they get older, they need to step away from fashion, eschew trends and start “dressing their age”. But what does “dressing your age” mean exactly?

The idea of being called “mutton dressed as lamb” (which incidentally, is an expression only ever applied to women, men apparently can’t be mutton??) can throw a bucket of cold water over many a woman’s desire to maintain a playful relationship with fashion and dressing.

It also implies that they were only dressing a certain way to attract men in the first place, which, as we and all proud Man Repellers know, is often not the case. Not at all! This fear of appearing like "mutton" can make many women feel compelled to veer towards the conservative, the minimal, the beiges and greys of “good taste”.

Advanced Style is a street style site that focuses exclusively on older people and their fashion choices. The fashion lovers on this site range from the classically styled to the eccentric. All are uninhibited, with a downright inspiring sense of self!

Here at Missy, we’re hooked!

For women with a keen interest in clothing and adornment, like the women on Advanced Style, fashion can be about self expression, personal style and not absenting oneself from the enormous amount of fun and aesthetic pleasure to be had from dressing up!

Why should age have anything to do with it?

Check out these awesome grand dames of fashion from all over the world. And we challenge anyone to watch the video below of Advanced Style star Ilona Royce Smithkin meeting Susie Bubble without smiling. What a woman!

Can you see yourself becoming a senior stylista?

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