Look At Me: London Fashion Week’s Street Posers
Forget the catwalk, it’s the street fashion that is doing all the talking at London Fashion Week. Angie Fox reports from the scene.

Sep 25, 2013 01:44
by Angie Fox

The austere surrounds at London’s Somerset House on the famous Strand (think red properties on Monopoly), does nothing to discourage the fashion forward and free. In fact, some of the punters – catwalk show goers, designers of new labels and fashion students alike – are so fashion forward the rest of us might never catch up.

But like a dewy faced model that is covered in makeup aimed to make her look “makeup free”, everyone outside Somerset House is screaming for attention without trying.

Photographers pounce around shooting the brightest, most outrageous and most chic, while the subjects are studies in effortlessness. Their poses say: “I don’t really care; I can’t help being so fabulous”.

And yet clearly they care.

Beneath the surface are people desperate to be seen, to sell their wares, to crack the big time and show their talents inside the enormous tent gracing Somerset House forecourt. They’ll go home and Google themselves to find their portraits on blogs or in fashion magazines around the world, smile and plan their next outfit.

Which of these streetstyle fashionistas' outifts do you love?

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