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Stunning, fashionable pieces made from beautiful organic fabrics are just a click away!

Sep 25, 2013 03:30
by Caitlin Reid

Going organic is all the rage. Not because it’s a well-used word amongst the A-list, but for its importance in the future of fashion, and the world. Why? What is so good about organic fashion? Organic clothing means the materials used in the collection are certified organic: from organic crops eg, organic cotton. Natalie Portman loves organic fashion, (she has her own organic shoe line), now you can too!

You don’t need to look far and wide, Australia has some impressive organic fashion labels to embrace. Forget the old shapeless hemp kaftans, organic labels are stylish, on trend and completely affordable.

Many amazing organic fashion labels are still not well known. Try minimalist pieces from Kowtow, an incredible brand that uses 100% organic cotton. Another stylish label showcasing bold brights perfect for spring in Bahlo. Crafted from ethically hand woven and naturally dyed cotton and silks, their vibrant pieces integrate western designs, and are made by local Bangladesh fair trade producers.

If sportswear is what you’re after try Green Apple! A healthy alternative to the chemical-laden synthetic fabrics in most activewear, green apple uses only natural raw materials: organically grown bamboo & certified organic cotton. Brilliant!

Another beautiful organic brand taking the world by storm is sleepwear specialist ALAS. Every piece is made in India with either GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Fairtrade accredited cotton. Plus, the soft fabrics and beautiful colours make ALAS pieces perfect for day wear too! These are only a few impressive organic ranges available, there are so many stylish brands waiting to be discovered.

Ditch the illusion that organic clothes are unaffordable, shapeless and drab. There are stunning, fashionable labels out there that minimise global impact and shun chemicals to be gentle on your skin.

If you’re not up for scouring Google for ideas, try Aussie online store Green Horse. It's easy to use and chooses only the best pieces from numerous organic and fair trade labels, Green Horse is the place for organic fashion. If you’re a high street shopper, you can’t go past Gorman, who use a mix of recycled and organic materials.

Which organic fashion label will you try this spring?


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