Punk & Print at Any Age
You don’t have to be a twenty something, long-limbed ingénue to rock this season’s hottest trends...

Jun 20, 2013 01:46
by Angie Fox

You don’t have to be a twenty something long-limbed ingénue to rock this season’s hottest trends. This winter we show you how to incorporate punk and prints into your wardrobe whether you're in your 20s, 30s or 40s.

When “IT” model Cara Delevingne, 20, music diva Beyonce Knowles, 31, and fashion goddess Sarah Jessica Parker, 48, walked the punk themed red carpet at this year’s Met Gala in New York, metallic spikes, thigh-length splits and coloured leather were cemented into wardrobes the world over.

Although Delevingne’s death-defying plunging neckline could make any fashionista weak at the knees, the 22-year old is proof that in your twenties you need to work-it-baby. There’s no other time in life more appropriate to flaunt your wares. So if you’ve got the body, wear your dresses short, show some flesh and take risks.

Sure, not all twenty-somethings are made equal, but it’s about attitude. We aren’t all built like fresh-faced models, but a grab-life-by-the-balls approach can be reflected in bold accessories, chunky jewellery and makeup that screams “I’m young; the world is mine”. This season’s punk look, featuring metallic hardware detailing, cut-outs in dresses and tops and sparkly embellishments, is the perfect fodder for twenty-somethings looking to make a statement.

The plethora of prints coming through in collections, be they digital, monochrome or floral, are the stuff that awesome outfits are made of. When you’re in your twenties, wear a shorts suit, design your outfit around an entire colour palate, or wear patterns from head to toe. You can be matchy-matchy, or mix it up with stripes and spots. You’ve got plenty of time to tone it down when you’re older.

Like Beyonce Knowles, at thirty a woman starts to know herself and perhaps start a family. But by no means is she required she look mumsy. In fact, this season’s prints are an ideal canvas upon which to hide this morning’s weetbix that junior threw at you in a fit of rage. And punk inspired metallic hardware can be used in a disciplinary fashion (just pop your naughty toddler up on your shoulder … whoops, I forgot about those pesky metal spikes on my leather jacket). 

Rather than designing your outfits around a particular fad, your thirties are the time to start building up on investment pieces that will see you through the decades. Trends like punk and prints come and go, so venturing into the territory is all about integrating key pieces, for example, a floral jacket or a towering pair of embellished stilettos, into your wardrobe of basics.

At thirty you should be in the shape of your life and flaunting your toned legs Gwyneth Paltrow style is mandatory. The stomach region can be a different beast, but team a short leather skirt with a smart camisole and a longer style jacket, and you’ll be right on trend.

When you’re in your 40s it's all about accessories, accessories, accessories. Take Sarah Jessica Parker’s Met Gala look as a case in point. Parker’s awesome Philip Treacy headpiece, Frederick Leighton jewels and Louboutin boots made her a stand out on the red carpet. Despite barely showing any flesh Parker was resplendent in a gold leaf embellished print dress.

At 40 fads are merely an accent added to a fabulous outfit of classics; a metallic camisole under a pantsuit, a spiky cuff, modestly coloured leather pants or a floral blazer. Even if you’re built like a super model the general rule of thumb is not to design your outfit around a trend that is still fresh in your mind from decades earlier.

Which of these trends will you be incorporating into your wardrobe this winter?


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