Luxury Streetwear Guide for The Modern Woman
How do you style luxury streetwear without emulating old-fashioned 90’s American teenager vibes?

Vicky Layton

Sep 25, 2018 02:53
by Vicky Layton

Wear Luxury Fabrics

Combining high quality fabrics with sleek streetwear adds a classy element to any outfit. Streetwear clothing itself has started to be made with superior fabrics such as scuba and premium cotton. You can then team this with a leather jacket or suede boots to add more luxe to the look. Just by teaming these luxury fabrics, you can elevate your timeless style to the next level. Ditching baggy loungewear for sophisticated streetwear, ideal for the daytime.

Luxury Streetwear Guide for The Modern Woman

Downplay the Logos

The most important part of wearing streetwear as a smart outfit is to play down the logos. Smart style streetwear is all about playing it cool, unlike casual wear where showing off your logos is a given. Instead, keep it striking by limiting it to one brand logo on an outfit. Of course, you can still wear branded clothing together with the ensemble, but make sure that no other logos are on show. Luxury streetwear style should be subtly complementing the main piece of the outfit with other downplayed brands.

Luxury Streetwear Guide for The Modern Woman

Focus on Footwear

Footwear can sometimes be the deciding factor on how smart or casual an outfit is. Granted, trainers aren’t always deemed smart enough for high-end fashion. However, with brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton changing the designer sneaker trends, it’s seen as more acceptable to wear trainers as luxury clothing. Focus on clean, crispy, block colours to make the most of this trend.

Tailor the Fit

Loose fitting clothing is all the rage when it comes to urban streetwear. Luxury streetwear style takes a more tailored approach. If you get it right, streetwear doesn’t have to be confined to out-of-office hours. A smart tailored blazer worn with logo t-shirt and slim fit trousers can perfectly form a smart-casual luxury fashionable look ideal for the office.

Keep It Simple

Similar to the way we’ve seen womens designer underwear worn as stylish daywear, luxury streetwear style is about dressing up an item of clothing that’s usually viewed as casual wear. It’s best to keep your look tailored, smart and stylish. Remember to stick to one logo, steer away from loose fitting clothing and combine premium fabrics for the ultimate luxury streetwear look for the modern woman.

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