8 sequin frocks under $100
Looking smashing in sequins isn’t just for stunning celebs like Blake Lively

Chelsea Thomas

May 26, 2014 10:04
by Chelsea Thomas


Jessica-Anne Lyons

Chelsea Thomas

Blake Lively’s Chanel gown at the Cannes Film Festival was oh so heavenly. She looked like a mermaid that had surfaced from a magical world of unicorns, rainbows and perfect creatures - Blake being that perfect creature.

And we all think to ourselves - sequins. How did Blake pull off the frock peppered with thousands of baby blue and turquoise sequins and not look like she’s completed her first jazz ballet concert?

Well, it IS possible for all of us to take inspiration from the divine goddess herself and style our own gown so we too can shine, shine, shine. There are zillions of options when it comes to purchasing a sequinned frock but it’s the colour, shape, length and style of the gown that will make you stand out mermaid. And you don’t always have to go wild with the sequins. You just need a sprinkle to liven up the look.

The leaf we should all be taking out of Blake’s book is stick with pastel. This season is about frolicking in gowns that are slightly understated in colour. Choose your sparkly occasion wisely and consider wearing a nude pair of heels to tone down the sparkle.

Let your hair flow freely (preferably blow waved), or pin lightly and keep accessories and lip colour paired back for fashion brownie points. The dress is the focus and you don’t want to lose it.

Here’s eight ways you can get your sequin on and turn heads toward your glimmering, sparkling, shining self.

$60 and under:

Annabelle embellished neck sweetheart skater dress - $60

Rachel Pastel Sequin Slip Dress - $35

Glamorous Sequin Peplum Dress - $54.78 

Paradis London Sequin Top Maxi Dress - $38.15


$80 and under:

Emma Embellished Waist Pleated Woven Maxi Dress - $80


$100 and under:

Nasty Gal vanna Dress - $94.03

ASOS Embellished Neck Maxi - $97.82

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