A Girl's Home Office: The Ultimate Glam Guide
Interior Design Consultant, Chloe, gives five tips on creating a beautiful home workspace

Chloe Taylor

Feb 20, 2018 03:03
by Chloe Taylor

We are living in an age of female superstardom! Women from around the world are ditching the outdated norms and taking matters into their own hands in becoming the best versions of themselves. The rise of female entrepreneurs in the 21 st century is staggering, and the world is a better place for it.


And a hot career woman needs a hot office that’s functional and glamorous at the same time, in order to thrive under stress, win big and get things done in style! Here is the ultimate glam guide for a chic, unctional home office for a girl that rocks.


Patterned walls and accents


First things, first, you want to take a long, hard look at your existing office space. Don’t mind the furniture or the details, think about what the color and texture of your walls says about your office and your personality. You want to start from the bare essentials, so think about the color scheme that is both conducive to productivity and that resonates with your mind and soul. After all, this is a room where great ideas are supposed to come to life on a daily basis, so don’t hold back. Also, think about various patterns you could use to enrich the setting in order to let creativity permeate the room. For instance, monochromatic walls complemented with creative patterns work wonderfully with all kinds of lovely furniture.


Chic and functional furniture


When it comes to furniture, there can be no compromise – it needs to be chic, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be functional. You also might consider introducing one or two stylish sofas to your workplace. This will be useful when you have some clients over, or you can just relax on them during those quick breaks from work. If you are feeling a bit tight on space, be sure to use multifunctional furniture to make the room easier to maneuver. Moreover, contemporary furniture is amazing because it’s not only built to be functional, but infinitely chic as well.


Bask in the healthful rays


There is no way around it, if you want to bring your new chic ambiance to life and be as productive as possible while working, you need to let plenty of natural light permeate the room. So think about expanding your window scheme and using your window treatments for decorative purposes only. Moreover, think about introducing one or two modern skylights in order to catch as much of that healthy sunlight as possible, switch out that old solid door for a more elegant and chic French model. French doors are great at opening up the space and letting the light travel further into your office.


Surround yourself with motivational details


Beauty lies in the details, and you want to surround yourself with accents that not only enrich the design of your office, but also motivate you to keep pushing towards your goals when the going gets tough. One of the most effective ways to keep your eyes set on the proverbial prize is to hang up inspirational quote art around the room so that you can stay focused and inspired to achieve greatness no matter if you’re working on the couch, by the window, or at your desk like a true busy bee.


Introduce natural elements


Finally, a home office is not complete without some strategically placed greenery on the shelves and in the corners of the room. Not only is greenery great at framing and completing your entire design, but it also serves a functional purpose of keeping you feeling rested and relaxed. Preventing stress is super important when in the office, so think about adding colorful flowers to the corner of your desk and the windowsills as well. When you’re feeling drowsy and your eyes start feeling heavy, simply take a couple of minutes to gaze at the surrounding greenery and you will feel right as rain in no time!


The modern world is all about women dreaming big and achieving greatness day in and day out. The daily grind has become an inextricable part of your lifestyle so be sure to complement your newly-found purpose in life by creating a stylish, functional, and glamorous office you’ll love.


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