6 fashion apps worth downloading
Get the what, the wear, and the how-to, when you're on the bus.

Ashleigh Bonica

May 09, 2014 04:32
by Ashleigh Bonica

Can having a smartphone make getting dressed easier? The developers of these apps seem to think so! Whether it’s styling tips, shopping advice, product reviews or tutorials you’re after, these six apps are worth downloading. 


Have you ever wished there was a Shazam for clothes? Well, Trendabl is the closest thing out there! Their ‘Find It’ feature lets you take a picture of an item and browse similar (or identical!) buys based on its print, shape or colour. This will totally transform the way you approach street-style galleries!

Speak Chic

Don’t know how to pronounce Ann Demeulemeester (ann de-mule-eh-meester), verbally trip over Balmain (bahl-mahhhn) and get tongue tied when trying to say Giambattista Valli (gee-am-bag-tease-ta vah-lee)? Thankfully there’s an app to fix that, fellow fashion fiends! Speak Chic’s creators have compiled over 300 brands and designer names – with audio recordings and phonetic spellings – so you can namedrop to your heart’s content! 


Think of this app as Fashion Google, allowing you to search an immense database of online stores, high-street chains and designer boutiques. Shopstyle brings a virtual closet to your fingertips and you can get really specific when you enter search terms. Why type “top”, for example, when you can search “stripy off-the-shoulder crop top with ruffle detail”?

Covet Fashion

This fun and slightly frivilous app designed by super stylist Rachel Zoe in partnership with Crowdstar lets you play paper dolls with current-season, shoppable merchandise! The app gives users the chance to win prizes and enter styling comps judged by Rachel Zoe herself! 


Want to keep a running diary of your most fashionable ensembles? Cloth encourages you to take outfit selfies and organise them according to the weather forecast. That way, you can constantly look back on your sartorial successes, be inspired by others and look smashing rain, hail or shine. The app syncs with real-time weather data to suggest a different outfit each morning!

Missy Confidential

You didn't think we'd skip the chance at plugging our own did you! If you know the horror of finding out about the sale after all the good stuffs gone, the Missy app is your new BF. Check in daily for the lastest news on sales and discounts, and never miss out on designer bargains again. 

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