Scary scenes at the Alexander Wang Event captured on film
A publicity stunt involving hoards of free clothes makes compelling viewing.

Aug 08, 2013 12:31
by Missy

Watching this Alexander Wang publicity stunt on You Tube you might wonder – did this event really go as planned? Wang must have an insightful understanding of human behaviour to know that the unfolding scene was at least going to make a compelling piece of footage. He asked cult film maker Darren Stein, of JawBreaker to film it. And the result is something you've got to see to believe.

Following the event, Wang said in a statement,“I love reaching out directly to our audience; to have a dialogue that provokes and at the same time has a sense of wit and irony,” Nothing is formulaic with T. This project was viral and street at the same time, which allowed us not only to communicate with our audience through different avenues, but to activate them. I liked the idea of creating a destination that’s unknown, mysterious, and fun, where people can connect.”

Fans of the movie Jawbreaker will see parallels of dare we say it, life imitating art. In the film - enraged prom-goers throw things at Rose McGowan, in real life, the Wang crowd are overcome with aggression as the lure of a fashion freebie is just too strong to resist.

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