Skin on Skin
Jewellery designer I-Ting Ho's incredible, and disturbing, 'Secret Skin' collection...

Feb 15, 2013 09:12
by Haris Stavridis

Golden necklaces? That's a little bit too much. Silver earrings? So last century. The hottest accessories right now are made out of...skin. Well, sort of.

What would Hannibal Lecter get his girlfriend for their anniversary? Maybe that's the question that triggered jewellery graduate I-Ting Ho to come up with her 'Secret Skin' collection. As part of her final project for her postgraduate degree in jewellery and silversmithing, I-Ting Ho created an unusual, spine-tingling collection, where all of the pieces are made from a silicone rubber material that looks and feels disturbingly like real skin.

According to the website of this freakishly smart graduate of Birmingham City University, “In the project, my work will not be viewed just like ordinary jewellery that is shiny or attractive, but will encourage people to think differently.”

And different it is! Nipple (as in almost real nipples!) brooches, fleshy earrings, even sanitary pads and mirrors made from this skin-like material are part of a collection that could easily work as props to a new chapter of Saw. “I want to create a challenging situation, a conflicting dialogue with the audience,” I-Ting Ho added. “People just cannot move their eyes away from those disgusting scenes that grab their attention.” Of course, to make this project as life-like as possible, was not an easy task: 'It took me a long time to get the color I wanted, which looks real, and also pinky like a girl'. Eek!

While 'Secret Skin' is not easy on the consumers’ eyes, one cannot deny its uniqueness - plus the fact that it worked wonders for the artist's name internationally; the collection has been featured in a variety of major news outlets worldwide.

The question is, would you ever wear such a thing? On Halloween maybe? Still no? Thought so...


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