Spring Clean Your Top Drawer: New Season Lingerie
This season's dazzling brights and fantastic patterns in spring lingerie and sleepwear, from luxe to less...

Oct 15, 2013 04:20
by Caitlin Reid

Clear out the top drawer, it’s time for new underwear! Spring is the season for top-to-toe rejuvenation, in all aspects of style. No hiding behind the excuse "But it’s winter!", get rid of those faded PJs and Bridget Jones undies!

Months of violent spin washing and dryer usage will have maimed multiple pieces of your undergarment menagerie. Abandon this tired lingerie and sleepwear in favour of exuberant, lively pieces to usher in the warmer months.

Planning a getaway? You'll need to make sure your unmentionalbles are resort-worthy. But don't frek out at the cost of new underthings or sleepwear, the new spring styles can be gentle on the purse strings. There’s something for everyone, from fancy to fun, lavish to lovely.

This spring/summer two colours are dominating the collections: tropical coral and sultry midnight blue. This doesn’t mean ignoring the remainder of the rainbow, but welcoming these two new hues into your undie drawer is a fun change. Velvety soft fabrics and fantastic prints (yes, this includes pink leopard spots) add vitality, energy and instant liveliness to your warm weather outfit, from the inside out.

Spring/summer PJs can mean anything from fantastic shorty shorts, to oversize bed shirts. Fans of simplicity can indulge in the classic bed short and singlet combination. Fresh patterns in dazzling brights instantly refresh your sleeping attire. For those whom baggy suits best, try new bed shirt in oversize, baby soft cotton for ultimate bedtime freedom.

If slinky seduction is more your taste, slim fitting nighties in an array of hues are here this spring. Delicate lace and lightweight sheer fabrics from Australia’s best sleepwear and lingerie designers are a tantalising alternative to traditional night wear. It doesn’t end there! For a luxurious cover up perfect for swanning down any sweeping staircase (or around your room) look for kimonos and gowns in silks and featherweight cottons.

Make way for spring! New aspects of the rainbow, plus featherlight fabrics inject vitality into your spring time smalls drawer. There are even a few underwear-as-outerwear items that are too good to pass up.

Which colour and styles of sleepwear and lingerie will you try this spring?


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