Styling Cowboy Boots For The Wild And Free
When you’re styling cowboy boots correctly, you’ll see the fashion statement isn’t reserved for the Wild Wild West.

Rachel Eleanore Sutton

Oct 03, 2014 10:37
by Rachel Eleanore Sutton

When it comes to wearing cowboy boots with an everyday ensemble, it’s all about the style of the boot and pairing choices. Spring and early summer (before it’s simply too hot) are the perfect seasons for donning these leather slip-ons, as they work wonders with long or midi, flowing dresses. We’d suggest avoiding denim cut-off shorts, which can get a bit too “daisy dukes” for the fashionably forward. Actually, even wearing the boots with blue denim can be slightly overkill — you don’t want to appear costume-esque. If you do insist on pairing your cowboys with a pair of (non-blue) skinny pants, aim for a boot that’s simple and understand with a dark-toned leather. In general, however, don’t be afraid of color! There are so many amazing styles out there in various colors and patterns, with mixed textures, adornments and a variety of fits from tight to slouchy with heels or flats. A great cowboy boot is unique, so the way you pair them should be too. Experiment and kick back! We’ve created a slideshow of looks that showcase styling cowboy boots in a way that’s worthy of high noon praise. (images via Pinterest)

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