Gym style sweaters are cool again...
From Kenzo to Balenciaga, geek chic is back!

Mar 04, 2013 01:19
by Caitlin Reid

Gym style sweaters are cool again. It’s simple. The old wardrobe of the 80s math team has had a style resurgence. What was once worn over fleece turtlenecks, now has street style cred. Ultimate street stylistas Miroslava Duma, Elin Kling and Alexa Chung dove head first into the sweater style trend at Paris Fashion week last year, now the high street has the goods.

But are sweaters really back? Just look at the streets! Balenciaga’s 80s intergalactic sweater is a favourite of the fash pack with its high energy artwork and funky neoprene cut. Kenzo’s modern flair saw it relaunch sweaters in bold brights with simple lettering and animal motifs. A slightly hipster version - Phillip Lim’s Ka-Pow sweater - was snapped up by designer and street style legend Elin Kling. So there’s the proof; gym style sweaters are well and truly back. But beware! There’s a fine line between sweater cool and sweater fool. Avoiding geek un-chic is number one when looking for gym style sweaters.

What to look for? Two styles have regained popularity: bold artworks and pop culture themes.

Bold artworks means clear images, clean lines and fun imagery. Think the infamous Phillip Lim Ka-Pow sweater. Bright colours, quirky characters, defined lines, and high impact graphics. With these in mind, you keep the look modern, avoiding dorky Christmas sweater mishaps.

Pop culture themes in gym style sweaters usually depict 80s themes, sayings or texts. The Balenciaga intergalactic sweater looks like the Back to the Future VHS cover! High energy, high impact, with token 80s fonts. Confused? Think classic gym style sweater fit  (slightly loose) with slogans like “Save Ferris,” or graphics from retro comics and movies.

 A gym style sweater resurgence is thrilling news! They’re comfortable, warm, non restrictive (compared to fitted jackets) and a welcome change to winter coats. The ultimate in casual cool, look for a soft, work-out friendly fit; which can mean looking through the guy’s section. Your favourite high street haunts, plus quirky screen print boutiques are the best spots to grab your new winter cover up. Avoid pairing with loose fitting high waisted or acid wash jeans. The line between geek and chic is easily blurred!


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