The benefits of a stylish boyfriend
Posh, Kim.K and Queen B all know it, a stylish boyfriend is more than just arm-candy...

Mar 18, 2013 05:17
by Caitlin Reid

He’s got the eyes, the killer smile, and a rocking bod. Your boyfriend drips gentlemanly charm, a genuine Adonis. To top it all off, he rocks ultra smooth style.

A stylish boyfriend is the ultimate trump card. Think of these lucky ladies with high styling arm candy. First up, Olivia Palermo and model BF Johannes Heubl. Do you think Olivia gets daggy body wash birthday presents bulk bought from Costco? Not a chance. Her fashion forward beau is more likely to choose elegant gifts from Tiffany & Co. or Barneys, and with his classic taste, I’m sure she’s happy to oblige.

Casually carried in the crook of your elbow, or intertwined in your perfectly polished fingers, you arrive in stride with your styling fella. Think the Beckhams, who complement each other's outfits without directly matching (the worst couple faux pas!) He wears a black tie, so she wears a black belt. He wears a grey suit, she keeps her dress monochrome. Never misinterpreting a dress code or forgetting to polish his shoes, a stylish beau won’t detract from your carefully constructed look.

If your style is more urban chic than preppy polish, your boyfriend’s own laid back look can inspire you. Think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Beyonce and Jay Z. These hip hop hunnies are perfectly put together in their own urban gangster way, and their ladies rise to the challenge. If he wears high fashion denim, she wears the ladies’ skinny jean. He wears limited edition kicks? She rocks the girls’ version equipped with an inbuilt heel.

Boyfriends with sublime style are preferable in all aspects. They inspire, elate, complement your style, and make you proud! However, if the crook of your arm is currently lonely, make friends with a fashion loving gay guy. Pretending never hurt anyone right?


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