The Wonder of the White Shirt
More than a staple, a white shirt is the key piece for every look this autumn...

Apr 05, 2013 12:16
by Caitlin Reid

The white shirt is autumn’s must have. From Audrey to Ashley (Olsen that is) the white shirt can be worn from bar to boardroom. But how? With hundreds of styles out there, white shirts can be worn on all different occasions. The best thing? The white shirt never goes out of style, genuinely embodying the words ‘timeless classic.’

First up: the military white shirt. The severity of this collarless style can be softened by floaty, sheer fabrics. Pockets and embellishments keep this cut girly, avoiding looking stiff and uptight.

Round necked white shirts are a recent spin on the classic. Choose high quality fabrics to maintain the elegant feel of this piece. Light silks keep you from looking like you’re wearing thermals.

Baggy styles are the most popular white shirt, constantly featuring in street style snaps. But beware! This style can look like a lab coat when the silhouette is wrong. Look for long, lean cuts made from heavy but formless fabrics. Laid back and lovely, this style is best suited to casual events, regularly appearing at music festivals, gently tucked into denim cut offs or skinny jeans.

Eternal elegance, crisp lines and classic femininity, the tailored white shirt is the most timeless cut. Suiting every age and hundreds of occasions, you can’t go wrong with a well ironed, tailored white shirt. A bad fit leaves you looking frumpy, so ensure shoulders, waist darts and waist length is perfect for your body.

The chic cravat shirt is a modern take on the Renaissance lace neck shirt. Avoid stiff looking Mozartesque neck frills by choosing a soft fabric, and tying the bow loosely, just below your collar bone. Keep the look modern by tucking into high waisted skirts, shorts and wide legged dress pants.

The bottom line? At least one white shirt is an effortless wardrobe must have. Keep it crisp, keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with this ultimate classic.


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