What the hell am I going to give them for Christmas?
Missy's gift guide for that difficult-to-buy-for person...

Dec 10, 2012 02:57
by Sally Creagh

Yes. Christmas shopping can be stressful. You're prepared to get out to the shops, or spend time online looking for that perfect something for that lovely person in your life you know so well, but can't think of one bloody thing you could give to them come Yuletide.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, you could give them a voucher, but that feels akin to just handing over cash. You want to show you’ve put some thought into it, but what happens when you’ve been thinking yourself into a brain injury and still no ideas?

Here's a list of 11 off-the-beaten-track gifts that might just do the trick!

1. Wine Sippy Cup. At last, you can get as trollied as you like and you’ll never slosh a drop. It won’t stop you from dribbling though. Be quick this one is selling like hot cakes! $16. Find it here.

2. Leatherman. No this is not a moustachioed biker in chaps; it's a very handy tool with a myriad of uses. Open a bottle, cut wire, emergency spanner needed? Leatherman is your man! And it comes with a handy belt holster (is that what you'd call it, a holster?). Many different models. From $59.95. Find it here

3.Unforgotten by Tohby Riddle. This is a once-in-a-generation book, that can be read over and over by anyone of any age. With 128 pages of astonishing illustrations, and just a few lines of text, this deeply moving and thought-provoking story follows an angel that has sunk to earth, weakened and in need of help. "Destined to become a classic," says Bookseller+Publisher. Check out this intriguing trailer. $35, find it here.

4. Lomo camera. Way before Instagram, "Lomography" was born when two Austrian art students, Wolfgang Stranzinger and Matthias Fiegl, stumbled across a second-hand Lomo camera in a Prague junk shop. Originally used as spy cameras, lomo cameras now come in dozens of different styles, each with it's own built in effects. It's analogue and it's fun! Find them here.

5. Areaware Micro Cubebot. Look! Here is a block man, made of wood with elastic band muscles. When he’s not being a block man, he folds into a cube! Can withstand violent handling, perfect for crazy youngsters. Find it here.

6. Cute USB flash drives. These come with names and birthdays and can be put on a keychain! Not much more to say – they’re cute! Find them here.

7. Cooking Classes. Cooking classes for him, for her, for kids; buy a course or buy one stand-alone class. Even if your gift recipient can’t get to the classes (Sydney and Brisbane) they can buy the course online! Find it here.

8. Star Wars robes. For your favourite Star Wars geek. From $55.99 Find them here.

9. Tentsile – It’s a tent, it’s a hammock - who wouldn't want one of these? Who, I ask you? This UK company is very new, and you have to apply to get the prices – so if this one doesn’t make it in time for Xmas it’s one to keep in the back of your mind for next year. Find one here.

10. iPhone Covers. Saw the moustache iPhone cover floating around the interwebs a few times during Movember and discovered that whipstergear.com has a whole lot more where that came from. Find them here

11. Oxfam Unwrapped. Sometimes, that special someone really does have all they need. Oxfam allows you to give the ultimate feel-good gift: clean water for a village; seeds, a goat or other livestock so those less fortunate can have the means to feed themselves or start a small business. Absolutely love this! Find it here.

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